This weblog has been created to trace all activities about creating a new IT professional service tailored to the needs of all the small industries operating in our Country. In this area will be exposed the ideas which made this project a reality, the technologies beside the solutions which brought it “on the road”, and the issues we had to deal with to achieve the goals we envisioned.

Any of our business needs an IT staff to maintain a well suitable infrastructure, which should support our work by providing us a simple-to-use, secure, affordable and adaptive environment. That’s not always possible and very often it’s actually an unreachable dream, because of the small size of our companies (and their budgets).

But… what if we could share a single IT team, whose members are the best experienced and certified professionals we can employ, which could bring to us all the benefits we could have from an enterprise IT, at a fraction of the cost required to maintain its ownership?

Obviously any of us has peculiar regulations to comply with, and this centralized IT should be able to manage our environments by maintaining any corporate boundarywidely and safely available to all the companies served. Fortunately, it is possible in a simple manner: you should be able envision a common outsourcing service model deployed in an innovative way… as if any customer would be a user of our corporate IT, giving him/her the same service value any large-business employee usually can rely on.

That’s only the basis of an idea: we know it needs to evolve with the contributions of all project members and the feedback of our partners and customers… are you ready to start? 😉

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