Welcome. As the owner of the Valsania IT Consulting I’m pleased to know you are interested in our Corporate community, and I’ll be glad if you’ll want to register to contribute and/or to give us your feedback about all the contents we publish.

I use this space to share my personal view of the IT world by posting thoughts, considerations and ideas as they come out of my everyday work. These contents are openly addressed to each professional, business analyst or “technology enthusiast” will read this blog. I choose to write these posts in English to make them unreadable for the most of local self-styled IT experts… so, if you understand English better than me (as I hope), please forgive my semantic or grammatical errors: I will be pleased to receive your suggestions to make it more sharp and readable… 🙂

Before you read this collection of abstract originating from my professional experience, you may wish to know something about my backgrounds, so I posted a short (and randomly updated) transcript of my qualifications under my profile.

Have a nice reading!

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